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Youth workshop

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Stage creation workshop for young people

This stage workshop aims to offer young people an outlet for dramatic expression and the possibility to live a creative experience together. Creating as a group is an exercise in listening to others, showing respect and appreciation for all ideas; it means being inspired by others, sharing ideas with others and building on other people’s suggestions, letting our suggestions infect or contaminate other ideas; it means learning from one another.

The company will share some of its dynamics, tools and points of view with the group, by way of contemporary theatrical creation, and characterised by speech they can relate to, an up to date language style and a content which is sensitive to the reality in which we live.

The workshop proposes the use of personal experiences in a creative way, using the strength of that which is true as a starting point to reach that which is universal. A personal anecdote, a dream, a letter, a dance, a song, a photo, a poem, a video, a personal possession, a memory… all of these could be the starting point for the creation of scenes or theatrical material.

To create based on the necessities of these young people, their motivation, worries, shortfalls, concerns, interests, anger… with an artistic objective and in a respectful environment.

Aimed at:

Young people between 14 – 18 (approx.) with or without previous experience in the performing arts.

Workshop dynamics:

The workshop sessions will be divided into two parts:

  • A first part, practical, with body language, vocal expression and dynamics to help shake off inhibitions which will help the participants to awaken their bodies and minds in order to open up their expressivity.
  • A second part will be focused on the collective creation of theatrical proposals, through improvisation and based on different premises, where all the company’s creative resources will be put in to practice within a dramaturgical setting.

There will also be space for reflection and for the exchange of experiences and emotions, where we will analyse the materials created, the creative process in itself and any personal and/or artistic doubts, concerns and/or needs which may arise during the sessions and the creative process.

Between 6-12 work sessions of 3 hours each.

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