When I Grow up I Want to Be Fermín Jiménez

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Original title:

Jo de major vull ser Fermín Jiménez – Yo de mayor quiero ser Fermín Jiménez

(Valencian/Spanish bilingual edition)

There are people who live to work and there are people who work to live. And then there is… Fermín Jiménez.

Performed for the first time on the 21st March 2013 at Espai Inestable in Valencia, When I Grow up I Want to Be Fermín Jiménez questions the need to work in current society. It is an ode to idle times, to boredom, to living peacefully and cheerfully, to taking things with philosophy and creativity.

Prologue: Xavier Puchades
Text: Pont Flotant (Àlex Cantó, Joan Collado, Jesús Muñoz and Pau Pons)
Photographs: José Ignacio de Juan
First edition: April 2015
Edited by: Pont Flotant
Collaborator: Culturarts
ISBN: 978-84-482-4835-2


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