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The Illuminated Class

By March 26, 2019May 4th, 2019No Comments

A theatre workshop lasting two and a half months has taken place at the Reception Centre for Minors in Buñol. Many of the residents of the centre have taken part voluntarily. Young people of different ages and backgrounds have attended the sessions, the majority of them with no previous experience in the performing arts. There are now fourteen youngsters, but many more have passed through these classes whilst the centre to which they would be assigned was being decided. The future, professions, sport, journeys, the past… these are just some of the themes on which they improvised. They share the result with you today. A result which is, in actual fact, an additional part of their learning and integration process, and of their artistic and personal growth.

Hamza Ben Masoud
Abderrakak Edaahani
Ayoub Bouganattoui
Mouad Ben El Makroud
Meid Seguei
Mehdi Boushamad
Youssef Noena
Oussama Draoui
Abderrahin Errady
Ayoub Serbuti
Lahcen Barcard
Zacaria Bouchraf
Abdessmad El Aboudi
Youssef Sarir
María Isabel Millán
Jesús Muñoz
Pau Pons

With thanks to:
Nuria Carrión
Ayuntamiento de Buñol
Ximo Guarro
Raúl Riebenbauer
And all the teachers who have made this project possible.

Idea and creation:
Jesús Muñoz Pau Pons Pont Flotant

María Isabel Millán

Lighting design:
Àlex Cantó

Graphic design:
Joan Collado

Lighting, video and sound technician:
Juan Serra

Executive producer:
Manuel Martínez

José Ignacio de Juan