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Stage creation workshop

By April 18, 2019May 9th, 2019No Comments

From the particular to the universal. Stage creation workshop based on Pont Flotant’s work dynamics.

We will start off with a theme and then try to carry it over to our terrain, to the familiar. We will gradually transform the proposals into theatrical material. We will consider form and content, the interior and the exterior, the spectator’s gaze, non- verbal language, action, the mixture of languages, rhythm, surprise, shattered expectations… There will probably be a change of plans, of opinion, of place, of role, of perspective… All this in an attempt to navigate that return journey between the particular and the universal in its most spectacular dimension.

During the sessions we will try to put some of the company’s mechanisms, dynamics and points of view into practice in the form of stage creation.

The workshop combines a practical element, focussing on the creation of individual and collective theatrical proposals, with a more reflexive and theoretical part, in which we will analyse the material created, the creative process in itself, and any doubts or concerns that may arise during the work sessions.

Actors and actresses, directors, dancers and anyone interested in stage creation.


  • Fragmented and multiform narrativity.
  • Container and content: correlation between form and discourse.
  • The concept of ownership in collective creation.
  • The actor’s dramaturgy.
  • The spectator’s dramaturgy.
  • Theatre space.
  • Layers in dramaturgy.
  • Creation and transformation of material.
  • The creative space. “Anything goes”.
  • Play and chaos.
  • Creative phases: process and result.


– Weekend intensive (16 h.)
– 1 week workshop (5 sessions: 20h.)
– 2 week workshop(6-8 sessions: 24-32h.)

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