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MY FIRST TIME. Poetic-festive welcome action.

14th Edition Conference on Social Inclusion and Education in Performing Arts and Music 2022


The scene is a café with music in the background, meetings and intermittent conversations. The scene is also hits from different periods at full volume and improvised choreographies. The scene is laughter and silence. It is selfies and a group photo. The scene is, above all, a celebration, a wish to be together.

Pont Flotant proposes an informal meeting space, halfway between reality and fiction, between installation and performance, open to the participation or voyeurism of the spectator.

Dramaturgy and direction:                                                                                          Joan Collado, Pau Pons and Jesús Muñoz (Pont Flotant)

Performers:                                                                                                                       Aida Andrés, Joan Collado, Isabel Gómez, Aurora López, Inés Lledó, Jesús Muñoz, Pau Pons and Natalia Zhuravleva

Sign language interpreter:                                                                                   Carmen Golfe

Musician:                                                                                                                            Javi Vega

Tecnnical coordination:                                                                                             Jesús Muñoz and Javi Vega

Produced by:                                                                                                                     Pont Flotant

Thanks to                                                                                                                      Esther Mortes and Patricia Morán (Balletvale+), Juanjo Rico (MoMeNTS ArT), Xochitl de León and the staff of the Rialto Café.


Show developed with the complicity, support and collaboration of INAEM, IVC and ULALUME.