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Like Stones

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Original title:

Com a pedres – Como piedras

Max Aub Award Collection (Valencian/Spanish bilingual edition)

To travel at the speed of light and come to a sudden standstill. To be like William A. Fuqua, five-time Guinness Record Holder for motionlessness. To be as fast as Superman, to reverse the Earth’s rotation, to turn back time in order to save Lois and swim in a Toi paddling pool once again. To start at the end, to return to the beginning or to remain suspended, timeless. Wasting time as a philosophy of life. Like stones.

Performed for the first time at the Sala Flotant, Valencia, in March 2006, Like Stones is a very personal reflection on the passing of time and the way in which the memory mixes reality with fiction and includes some of the actors’ family members on stage. A dramaturgy which plays with real time, time through memories and that of the actual performance.

Prologue: Jorge Picó
Text: Joan Collado, Jesús Muñoz and Pau Pons
Photographs: José Ignacio de Juan
First Edition: 2008
Edited by: Teatres de la Generalitat Valenciana
Collaborator: Culturarts
ISBN: 978-84-482-4835-2
Legal deposit: V-1262-2008


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