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Exercises in love

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Exercicis d’amor – Ejercicios de amor 

(Bilingual edition Catalan/Spanish)

We’re on time we still have time… I’ve cooked for you the location is ideal it will be an unforgettable night I’ve prepared a big cake a bath and background music tonight we’ll kiss and we’ll dance like never before stand by me dance until the end get a little tired of everything of one another love each other with cream I can’t imagine life without you I am nothing faceless smiles in sepia staring into the distance don’t ever change I’ll never forget you petal overdose photos at the City of Arts and Sciences Monfort Gardens sea in the background sentimental voyeurism.


Showed for first time in february 2009, at El Casal d’Esplai (El Saler), as a part of the program of Festival VEO, in València.

Exercises in Love is a special way of celebrating the union between people, a simple and intimate celebration mid way between theatre and reality, where the spectator is the guest. 


Prologue: Nel Diago 
Text: Àlex Cantó, Joan Collado, Jesús Muñoz i Pau Pons
Photographs: Jose Ignacio de Juan
Collages: Po Poy

First edition: 2021
Edited by: Pont Flotant
Collaborator: Institut Valencià de Cultura-Generalitat Valenciana i Ajuntament de València
ISBN: 978-84-09-27277-8


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