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THE NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR. A collective piece made by neighbours of Sueca that reflects on identity, culture and human relationships.
33th Mostra Internacional de Mim in Sueca.


Who is the next door neighbour ? What is the name of that person from whom we are separated only by a wall, a few floors, a street or a square? What music does he or she listen to? Does she or he like to dance? Do you know where she was born? And what is the neighbour from the other side of town like? Might you  have never crossed paths in the street? What is the neighbour from the village or town next to you like? And the neighbour from Northern Europe? What language does he or she speak? What is the neighbour from Eastern or Western Europe like? And the neighbour from the South? What is the neighbour from the other hemisphere like?

For a few months, neighbours of Sueca have shared a space and time to get to know each other, learn from each other and jointly create this collective piece that reflects on identity, culture and human relationships.

Dramaturgy and direction: Joan Collado, Jesús Muñoz and Pau Pons (Pont Flotant)

Pedagogical coordination: Jesús Muñoz

Teaching and creating colaboration: Quique Bataller, Irina Bilalovic and Dácil Mateo (Trainee teaching staff of the Master’s Degree in Applied Theatre at the Universitat de València).

Social worker CEAR: Andrea Benavent

Performed and created by: Mohamed di Afgan, Cristina Castelló, Anouar Cherdoud, Mousa Dembele, Issa Diouf, Claudi Ferrer, Aquimar González, Sofia  Gràcia, Joana Gómez, Javier Guerra, Oleksi Horbenko, Dmytro Horbenko, Pape Malick, Alba Navarro, Serigne Fallou, Ania Orlovska, Inma Ortells, Carmen Matoses, Liudmyla Polunets, Tania Samchuck, Clàudia Serra, Erleny Maritza Valencia, Dasha Volodski, Anton Slabunov and Aitana Tomàs Escrivà.

Technical coordination and lighting design: Javi Vega

Executive management and production: Yolanda García

Produced by: Festival MIM.

Colaborators: CEAR of Sueca.


Produced by: