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Founded in 2000 with a clear dedication to theatrical research and experimentation. Their plays are the result of long processes of investigation and collective creation and they are characterized by the mixture of reality and fiction, the use of different languages, the physical work of the actors, the intimate relationship they maintain with the spectator and the inclusion of an element of their social environment within the research, creation and exhibition of their performances.

As a collective, they have collaborated as advisers in dramaturgy with companies such as Organika Dantza (Basque Country), EnÁmbar Danza (Valencia) or La Lola Boreal (Valencia), among others.


Temporada Alta, Escena Contemporánea, Madrid Sur, Fira Tàrrega, FIT, Sagunt a Escena, VEO, Muestra de Autores Contemporáneos, Territorios, ALT, Escena Abierta, FIDAE, Festival Internacional de Teatro de Manizales, Transdrama.

Awards and recognitions

  • Best Performance for Children. Premis IVC 2018
  • Mostra d’Alcoi Award 2018
  • Candidate for Best Theatre Performance and Best Direction. Premios MAX 2017
  • Candidate for Best Newcomer Performance. Premios MAX 2015
  • Nomination for Best International Performance. Premios Teatro del
  • Mundo de Argentina 2010
  • Nomination for Best Performance. Premis de les Arts Escèniques de la Generalitat Valenciana 2009
  • Best Direction, Best Performance and Best Actress Awards. Premis Abril 2007
  • Max Aub Award for Best Text. Premis de les Arts Escèniques de la Generalitat Valenciana 2007
  • Best Newcomer Performance. Feria de Teatro de Huesca 2007

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