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Clothes on the Street – Festival VEO 2008

By March 24, 2019April 12th, 2019No Comments

Our clothes always respond to a series of social and cultural conventions. Through them we create our own identity, recognizable to others and to ourselves. An identity which associates us with a gender, a particular role, a social class, religion, country, culture… Clothes cover us up, protect us, hide us.

Without their natural inhabitants, we bring them to life, searching out the limits between the container and the contents, confusing the living space with the inhabitant, inverting the sense of form and content. We begin a journey towards these experiences, this intimacy, to demonstrate it out on the street, as if it were an immense atrium full of clothes hangers.

Marta Rey
Rubén Català Corbató
Isabel Martí Piera
María Costa Martínez
Cristian Simois García
Iluminada Pérez, Puche
Sara Waller
Abel Martí
Vicky Hernández
Flavio Garrido

Pont Flotant
Jaume Poliparpo (Bambalina)

Performance dates:
From 13th to 15th February
Calle Palafox
From 18th to 20th February
Plaza de Los Pinazo
21st and 22nd February
Plaza Lope de Vega