Stage creation workshop based on Pont Flotant’s work dynamics.

July 2022, from 4th to 8th (7-10pm.)



  • The space of creativity. ‘Anything goes’
  • Creation and transformation of materials
  • The concept of ownership in collective creation
  • Narratividad fragmentada y multiformal
  • Container and content: correlation between form and discourse
  • The actor’s dramaturgy
  • The spectator’s dramaturgy
  • Incursion of the community in the dramaturgical proposal Espacio escénico
  • Layers in dramaturgy
  • Play and chaos.
  • Creative phases: process and result


Jesús Muñoz, holds a Degree in Dramatic Arts from the Escola Superior d’Art Dramàtic de València (School of Dramatic Arts, Valencia), he is also a graduate of the Centre Artistique International de la Voix Roy Hart (Roy Hart International Arts Centre, France).

Founder member of Pont Flotant, besides Àlex Cantó, Joan Collado and Pau Pons, he has participated as a performer in the 10 productions of the company and develops directing, dramaturgy and stage research tasks.