March 2020 (4th-11th) 

Schedule: First week: wed 4th, thu 5th and fr 6th  (17-21h.)

                      Second week: mo 9th, tu 10th and wed 11th (17-21h.)

Aimed at: Drama students, but also any other person who, for artistic, professional or personal reasons, is interested in deepening their understanding of the voice and its expressive possibilities.

More info. and registration: / 655 420 877


How can we be more present, both physically and vocally? How can we develop our ability to listen to ourselves and to others? What does it mean to be connected? What is our true voice like?

The Expressive Voice is a course in which you will experience new ways to connect with your voice. Through a process of sensitization and connection with our body, the course aims to provide a space in which to investigate a way towards a more authentic personal voice along with an increased communicative ability.

The tasks will be mainly practical. There will be moments to work in a group and other moments to work individually so that each participant can experience and satisfy his or her specific necessities. The workshop will combine different dramatization tools, body language, improvisation and singing. However, there will also be space for reflection, the exchange of emotions and analysis of our work.


  • Body awareness. Sensoriality. Perception.
  • Relaxation and unblocking of parts of the body which directly interfere with vocal emission.
  • Grounding the voice
  • The involvement of the body in vocal emission.
  • Breathing. Awareness of the breathing process. Increasing lung capacity and air dosage.
  • Voice and movement.
  • Voice placement: Different registers and qualities.
  • Vocal bridges and limits.
  • Expression and communication.
  • Listening and reacting.
  • Individual and group improvisation.
  • Voice and creativity.
  • Voice and acting.
  • Voice and emotion.