Course dates from 22 to 25 April 2019
Place: Catarroja, Valencia
Imparted by: Pont Flotant

Pont Flotant offers a combined experience involving members of the company and people of different generations. Through simple and fun suggestions the elements of play, improvisation, body language and singing, amongst others, will be combined with the objective of living out a joint creative experience and recreating The Child I Wish to Have, a play which revolves around the subject of education and the role of parents, of grandparents, of teachers and of children in the learning process, of its importance and the courage, difficulty and effort required to educate.
Acquaintances and strangers from the surrounding area, all of different ages, will come together for a few days in order to form a real theatre company and will help to ensure that the theatre is truly a place to get together, to exchange, to play and to communicate.

Aimed at:
Children and young people between 10-18 years old and adults 50-85 years old (or older) with or without any previous experience in the performing arts.

4 work sessions of 2 and a half hours + corresponding function or functions.

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