Date:  May 2023, from 26th to 27th (8:30pm.) 
Place: Teatro Rosalía de Castro, La Coruña
Produced by: Pont Flotant and Rambleta



The air turns cold and the sky begins to grow dark. They say that some dogs howl and that the bees are crowding together and collapsing the entrance to their hives. Some birds fly around in a confused state. Time stands still. Everything is silent. Everywhere is dark. Everything is suspended… not knowing what will happen…with the sense that we could remain in this infinite night forever… But a few seconds later, perhaps a few minutes, or it could be years, generations, millennia, eons of existence, the day arrives once again. We are invaded by a feeling of profound emotion and we sense the privilege of having witnessed an incomprehensible event. We have attended the dress rehearsal of a possible end.

Pont Flotant once again becomes entangled in the threads of the memory to question how we behave, how we react, how we educate, how we prepare ourselves when confronted with something inevitable and irreversible such as death. In short, how do we live knowing that one day we will no longer be alive?


Dramaturgy and direction:

Àlex Cantó , Joan Collado, Jesús Muñoz y Pau Pons (Pont Flotant)


Àlex Cantó and Jesús Muñoz


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