Date and time of the session:  POSTPONED (NEW DATE PENDING CONFIRMATION)
Place: El Campello, Alicante
Produced by: Pont Flotant



Acampada (Camping) is a simulation, a kind of rehearsal of what could happen if 6 friends with diverse cultures and abilities were to spend a weekend together in nature.

How will the situation affect their abilities? Will they be able to overcome or accept their own disabilities? And those of the others? Will they be able to awaken their ability to adapt, to read the world according to the others’ languages?

Acampada is a fragile experiment because it relies on the disposition of the audience to complete it, for them to hear beyond the noise, to understand beyond the words, to imagine that which is not in plain view. Camping is also the simulation of a play for the whole audience, for a real majority at least, where the humour, emotion, language and the different theatrical codes serve to establish real channels of communication and meeting points between multiple cognitive, sensorial and emotional abilities.



Àlex Cantó , Joan Collado, Jesús Muñoz and Pau Pons (Pont Flotant)



Àlex Cantó, Mónica Lamberti, Itziar Manero, Jesús Muñoz, Alberto Romera and Benito Valverde


Special collaborators:

David Blanco, Carmen Golfe, Isabel Gómez, Lucille Preat, Lola Robles


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