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Circ Obsolet 2019

By December 20, 2022January 2nd, 2023No Comments

Circ Obsolet – La Panda de Yolanda

Dramaturgy advisor (Jesús Muñoz)


Welcome to the circus of filth, to the circus of the useless, the obsolete, the forgotten. Welcome to Circ Obsolet!

What did I keep?

What is the use of things that are useless?

What value do they have?

What could I be used for?

What about my memories?


Circ Obsolet is an ode to those who fix everything, to the commitment to keep things going, to those who continue writting letters, to those who remember telephone numbers, to those who keep their communion dress, hope, handkerchiefs, VHS tapes, cassettes…

Cast & crew

Creation & acting: David Durán, Merce Tienda and Leo de Bari

Dramaturgy assistance: Jesús Muñoz (Pont Flotant)

Staging assistance: Amador Artiga

Set and lighting design: David Durán

Coreography: Merce Tienda

Music performance: Leo de Bari

Grafic & dossier design: Ana Jiménez

Photography: Ana Jiménez and María Cárdenas

Video: mementoNET

Collaborators: Raquel Piera and Javier Aranda

Thanks to: La Teta Calva, María Andrés, Ana Jiménez, Mercedes Braulio, Carme Teatre

Produced by: La Panda de Yolanda