Actor training. Presence, action and truth

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The objective of this course is to initiate the participants in the construction of a specialized training in the acting technique, helping them to identify the skills that they needs to develop and put into practice for this trade and to provide them with a few basic tools in order to improve these skills.

Aimed at:

Drama students or people with a certain amount of stage experience.


Stage presence:

  • Concentration and state of alertness.
  • Balance, weight and impulse control.
  • Energy levels and qualities.
  • Connecting the voice to the body.
  • Awareness of different vocal registers.

Physical and vocal action as a fundamental pillar of the acting profession.

  • Listening on stage: organic action and reaction.
  • The internal image as a support for the action.
  • Emotion based on action and the given circumstances.

We will also make the most of working on these concepts in order to reflect and be aware of the importance of truth on the stage – that which differentiates dramatic action from unconscious or senseless movement – and the importance of understanding the actor as a whole, without disassociating the body, voice and mind.

The course will combine two working dynamics: one in which we will develop, in a technical and precise manner, the content detailed above, and another in which we will put these concepts into practice using several different techniques on stage.


  • Weekend intensive (12/16h.)
  • 1 week workshop (4-5 sessions: 16/20h.)
  • 2 week workshop (6 sessions: 24h.)

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