Acampada (Camping)






Acampada is a simulation of what could happen if 6 friends from different cultures and with diverse abilities were to decide to spend a weekend together in nature.

Acampada is a simulation, a kind of rehearsal of what could happen if 6 friends with diverse cultures and abilities were to spend a weekend together in nature.

How will the situation affect their abilities? Will they be able to overcome or accept their own disabilities? And those of the others? Will they be able to awaken their ability to adapt, to read the world according to the others’ languages?

Las Provincias

"With their particular sense of humour, ingenuity and with a great deal of sensitivity and tact, Pont Flotant once again manage to move, entertain and raise awareness, without any dramatic emphasis."

Afán de Plan

"Theatre to take home with you, within your conscience, with a knot of gratitude in your throat."

Diario Crítico

"Acampada is a pleasant, simple, relatable offering, without any apparent pretensions, but one that penetrates deep into the hearts of the spectators."

Butaca en Anfiteatro

"Not many offerings in the world of theatre and diversity have worked with such honesty from the perspective of people rather than circumstances."


“We like to define Camping as a mechanism that uses different languages and communicational codes to address the spectator. We have built this play with stalls made up of spectators both with and without functional diversity in mind.”

Acampada is a fragile experiment because it relies on the disposition of the audience to complete it, for them to hear beyond the noise, to understand beyond the words, to imagine that which is not in plain view. Camping is also the simulation of a play for the whole audience, for a real majority at least, where the humour, emotion, language and the different theatrical codes serve to establish real channels of communication and meeting points between multiple cognitive, sensorial and emotional abilities.

Cast and crew

Dramaturgy and direction:

Àlex Cantó, Joan Collado, Jesús Muñoz, Pau Pons (Pont Flotant)


Àlex Cantó, Mónica Lamberti, Itziar Manero,  Jesús Muñoz, Alberto Romera, Benito Valverde 


Raúl Aguirre 

Set design:

Joan Collado  

Lighting design:

Marc Gonzalo 

Image and graphic design

Joan Collado 

Set construction:

Yolanda García, Santi Montón 


Josep Ferrer 

Original music:

Pedro Aznar  

Song “Todo para Todos” (“Everything for everyone”) provided by Enric Montefusco 

Stage Machinery and Management:

Yolanda García, María Torres

Technicians on tour:

Juan Serra, Javi VegaJosep Ferrer 

Assistant on Internship:

Maria Luís Cardoso 


Pont Flotant  


Inma Expósito. Pro21 Gestió.  

Special collaboration:

Carmen Golfe, Lucile Preat, David Blanco, Isabel Gómez, Lola Robles 

With thanks to:

All participants of the Scenic Laboratory “Otras InCapacidades” (“Other InCapacities”), Daniela GarcíaAna LozanoAna Erdozain, Alba González, Daniel Abreu, Fermín Jiménez, Juan Carlos MorcilloCarlos Ruiz, Susana, Berni, Concha and José, Maribel and Luis, Alfred and l’Horta Teatre,  Primi and Centre Ocupacional Tola of Silla, Salva, Luis and Fundación Esfera, Real Coliseo Carlos III of El Escorial and Teatros del Canal. 


Comunidad de MadridFestival de Otoño de Madrid,  

Institut Valencià de Cultura, Ajuntament de València. 


Teatre Carmen Valero de Silla

Produced by Pont Flotant 

Where we have performed

Premiere at Teatre El Musical de València (TEM),València, October 2019

37 Festival de Otoño de Madrid

Teatro Principal de Castellón

FITT de Tarragona

Teatro Romea, Murcia

Dénia, Alicante

El Campello, Alicante

Teatro Principal de Valencia

Teatro Carmen Valero de Silla, Valencia

Paiporta, Valencia

Teatro Jovellanos, Gijón